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Authorization request signing for Windows Azure Storage REST API from PowerShell

Recently, while working on one of the Windows Azure migration engagement, we were need to have a simple and portable utility scripts that manipulate on various Windows Azure Storage (WAS) services APIs like “Get all blob metadata details from selected...

WAS StartCopyFromBlob operation and Transaction Compensation

The latest Windows Azure SDKs v1.7.1 and 1.8\xa0 have a nice feature called “StartCopyFromBlob” that enables us to instruct Windows Azure data center to perform cross-storage accounts blob copy.\xa0 Prior to this, we need to download chunks of blob...

How to Sort a List (C#)

Tips on sorting a list of objects.

Why the clock is ticking for MongoDB

Why the clock is ticking for MongoDB:Robert Haas takes a comparative look at PostgreSQL and MongoDB's features emphasized by its MongoDB CEO in an interview: Schireson also mentions another advantage of document stores: schema flexibility. Of course,...