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Solving the Chinese Remainder Theorem Using Totients

This code gives a solution to the Chinese Remainder Theorem using totients instead of the Extended Euclidean algorithm.

Enhanced JTabbedPane

This article provides code for an enhanced version of the JTabbedPane which allows the developer to add toolbar buttons to the beginning or end of the tab set

Simple Model/Entity mapper in C#

Let's see how make a simple model or Entity mapper using reflections in C#

Quick Tip: Make Sure Your PHP Version is Safe with Versionscan

There's a tool you can use to check that you have a version of PHP with the most bugfixes. The tool is versionscan and it recently got a 1.0 release. This quick tip will show you how to install it into your environment so it's accessible from any...

Django 1.7 released

It's here! After nearly a year of development, today we're proud to announce the release of Django 1.7. As always,the release notescover everything in-depth, but some of the major highlights of Django 1.7 are: A new built-in database migration system....