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Common issues in WCF

Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project

Percona Live 2014 behind; MySQL ahead

I started using MySQL 11 years ago. \xa0That’s not too long compared to other people in the industry, but nonetheless here’s my perspective on the state of the MySQL industry after attending Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2104. In short,...

"BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2"

Today the Kinect for Windows team highlights two companies that are building their business on the Kinect for Windows v2.BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2BUILD\u2014Microsoft's annual developer conference\u2014is the perfect showcase for inventive,...

MyComix Reader goes Universal

Window Wednesdays are likely going to be pretty focused on "Universal apps" for a while. I know, funny that given it just came out, that it's pretty exciting and it allows us to build app's that run on devices from 2 feet to 10 (when XBox One support...

Unit testing is dead? Hardly.

Despite what His Majesty, David Heinemeier Hanssonmay have said, unit testing is by no means dead. And, in fact, system testing is no more a complete testing strategy than 100% test coverage with unit tests. Let me explain.Test Driven Development (TDD) is a...