CS:GO – Learning to Shoot


CS:GO – Learning to Shoot

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is about 70% shooting. The other components, such as tactics, strategy, and teamplay, of course, also play an important role, but do not give you a chance to survive a confrontation with the enemy. Shooting in CS:GO is quite noticeably different from the previous part, and to some extent, approximated to 1. 6. Training will be gradual and those who expect instant results, expect disappointment. So, in cs go learning to shoot can be held in several ways. Below are the most popular and most effective methods of training. You can also use https://csgo.net/faq to get interesting game merchandise.

Setting up the shooting in cs go

Before you start practicing, decide on what settings, at what sensitivity you feel more comfortable to play. Sight and mouse settings are very important in the game, because the setting is made strictly for a particular user. Some people are more comfortable to play with an old sight from the previous parts, some people like the new transformation from GO, and some people adjust manually with the help of console commands.

Outside resources

Lots of sites offer tips and advice on how to improve your shooting skills, but only one suggests doing it right on it. The training process itself looks very primitive: some objects appear on the screen, on which the user should click. For hitting the target the player gets points. At the end you are shown your result, where the statistics show the speed, and the ratio of your hits to the mark. Training is an individual matter. Perhaps someone suits this type of training, but do not expect special results, given that in the browser you do not even use the same sensitivity of the mouse as configured in the GO.

Practice shooting CS:GO on the maps from the studio

In the Steam Workshop there is a huge number of training maps for CS Go. Many of them are quite simple, and offer only normal mode. We, on the other hand, are interested in a map with fine-tuning and in-depth training to improve shooting in cs go. Train your aim n reflex is an almost completely customizable area for good practice. The principle will be almost the same as on the site – marksmanship. This method is several times better than the former because the destruction of targets occurs directly in the game, in the conditions where the player will have to play with real people. The user will also be able to find different modes of training: the accuracy, reaction, speed pointing, and so on.


CS:GO headshots are one of the most effective ways to kill your enemies and save your ammo. Having practiced in the offline map, you can safely send to fight with real people. To consolidate the effect should choose Deathmatch server, with the mode of damage only in the head. To find similar maps and modes, just go to the search for community servers, and adjust the filter on the word Aim.

The right strafe

Everyone knows that any weapon mows when shooting on the move. Is it possible in cs go to shoot without scattering? What is strafe? Strafe – the player’s sudden movement in different directions, which is conducted by shooting. This is done to make it harder for the enemy to hit the target. Naturally, in motion the shooting becomes useless, but only if you do not use it correctly. In cs go shooting secrets are quite simple. So, to correctly strafe, we write in the console command cl_showpos 1. In the upper left corner will appear some information about what is happening, among which we are interested only in the speed of movement. Additionally, you can buy various items here https://csgo.net/upgrade.

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