What is TechnoBits.net?

Every curious developer or software professional wants to remain technically updated, would like to know about what is being written in the software development arena. TechnoBits.net has been designed to solve this particular problem. At www.technobits.net, developer can remain updated about latest buzz, tips and tricks in his/her favorite technology.

» How does TechnoBits.net solves the problem raised in previous question?

As a software developer or technologist, we are all busy in our daily routine; we hardly get time to visit various sources of technology update information. An average developer spends very less time updating one’s technical knowledge.

On the other hand there are expert bloggers and technology providers who are keen to share information with the community.

TechnoBits.net gathers this information in a central repository and makes it available for you. While doing this it considers your personalization settings so that most relevant information can present to you.

» Does TechnoBits.net support PubSubHubBub?

As of now TechnoBits.net doesn’t support the pubsubhubbub protocol which is designed to auto submit the updates from blogs. However we are currently in the process of studying the protocol and will soon incorporate it.

» Can I personalize TechnoBits.net?

TechnoBits.net has following personalization features for the registered users.

  1. Favorite Articles: You can mark any article as favorite article by clicking a “Start” or “Like” button. This allows you to store your favorite articles which can be accessed later.
  2. Favorite Technologies and Pick Random Article: On profile page you can tick mark your favorite technologies. Once your favorite technologies are marked, TechnoBits.net suggests you your favorite article on clicking Pick Random Article.

Currently we are working on other personalization features and desperately would like to see your suggestions.

» How can I help improve TechnoBits.net?

TechnoBits.net is currently under beta and continuous development. You can help improve the TechnoBits.net through many ways.

  1. You can suggest a feedback or feature that you would like to see. You can consider this website as your personal website which you visit on daily basis. If you find anything missing or a feature which will help you out, you must suggest that.One more thing we are planning to create a dedicated page which will list all the users who have contributed to the improvement of TechnoBits.net by suggesting a feature, and we would like to see your name there.
  2. 1. You can suggest feeds or the information source from where TechnoBits.net can collect information.
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