How to choose a template for a site on WordPress


How to choose a template for a site on WordPress

WordPress is today one of the leading CMS. It is open source software and can therefore be used absolutely free of charge. It is a huge advantage for beginners and students in creating websites. Firstly, WordPress is rich in a variety of website templates and themes, and secondly, you do not have to pay for their use. But the choice is not all templates are good, and you need to understand this. Only a specialist will be able to distinguish a good and high-quality template from a second-rate one. If you need to choose a template for your blog or website, read the information not to make a mistake, like many others.

Source of the theme

Source is the most important moment of choice. It must be approached responsibly so as not to download a virus packet in the guise of a WordPress template. Search engines give out millions of sites offering to download templates, but not all of them can be trusted. Free templates are best downloaded from the official WordPress directory, there is a huge selection.

It is not recommended to download templates from the first source, as it is possible to “impress” on substandard programs or spam mailings. To be sure of a quality product, use the following tips when downloading:

  • The official WordPress directory.
  • Catalogue of commercial suppliers of WordPress themes.
  • A trusted company with a good reputation (e.g. Template Monster).

What to pay attention to when choosing a quality theme

First of all, using a proven source for downloading the template, you automatically get rid of spam and viruses. That is, you will definitely get a quality product. Please note that there are free and paid templates. But this does not mean that paid templates are better. For example, a tricked-out theme from premium templates has many functions, and has a huge amount of HTML code. In this case, the theme may not be adapted, and in the end, having spent a little nerve, still have to change it. Of course, by spending money to purchase a paid theme, you can ease your task.

With the advent of mobile gadgets, adaptation to the mobile version of the site has gained importance. This nuance must also be paid attention, otherwise the number of your visitors will be significantly reduced. The selected template can be easily checked by Google Mobile-Friendly Test, which in a few minutes will tell you whether your site can adapt to mobile devices. Download speed is one of the important criteria for any website. Its success and position in the search engine depend on it. With a long download, it is unlikely that the client will wait. To check the download speed of a site with a WordPress template, use a demo version that will give you an idea of the quality of the template. 

SEO site optimization is an equally important criterion. The main thing is not to distort the structure of the document, but to load it with subheadings (H1, H2, H3), marked and numbered lists. Unfortunately, there is no special tool to test the optimization template. You should also immediately look for specialized templates, such as accounting website templates for this type of business.

From this we can conclude that when choosing a template for your site, you should pay attention to such key points:

  • Source for downloading – you will protect yourself and protect from a number of problems that may arise due to downloading a poor quality file.
  • Adaptivity. 21st century outdoors, and 7 out of 10 users prefer mobile devices for traveling the World Wide Web.
  • SEO optimization. It is important to fill the site with content without losing the structure of texts.
  • Upload speed. No user will wait for a long load of the site. It will be easier for him to close the page and go to another source. 
  • Style of minimalism (the simpler the design, the more attention is paid to the content).
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