Live streaming ideas on Instagram


Live streaming ideas on Instagram

Live broadcasting is really at the peak of popularity right now, and not only because of its undeniable benefits, but also because of the variety of broadcast formats. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose the idea and format of the live broadcast.

The main task of a live broadcast is to increase subscribers’ loyalty, to talk to them directly. This is probably the most sincere content of social networks, which is often underestimated. And very wrongly, because openness and naturalness are the main trends of the future. Of course, if you want to get more new followers, you should use the buy instagram followers service. But if you want to work on engaging your followers, live streaming can be a great solution. Let’s take a look at popular live stream ideas.


Just share with your followers thoughts on any topic, listen to their opinion, tell them about your experiences. It’s a great opportunity for your followers to see their idols without photoshop, editing, and just communicate in a friendly way.


Get on the air and answer questions from your followers. Choose a topic, such as success stories or new product information, and offer to leave questions in the comments. It’s better to announce such broadcasts in advance and motivate your subscribers to be active, for example, by having a contest for the best question.


Invite a guest who would be interesting for your subscribers to your live broadcast and interview him. It’s also better to announce such event in advance, and you can attract users’ attention with gifts. For example, a gift to the one who will be the first to guess and write the name of the guest in Direct.

Broadcasting from the scene

If you are at any party, presentation, concert, conference or any other event, do not forget to go live. People actively watch live broadcasts from various events.


Live broadcasts are a good opportunity to show everything that’s behind the scenes. Show your subscribers not only the beautiful photos and videos, but also how they were filmed. Reveal the secrets behind the scenes or the intricacies of the filming process.


Conduct a raffle for live prizes. You can make up questions, for example, and draw gifts or discounts for the users who are the first to answer in the comments of the online broadcast.


Live streams on Instagram can be up to an hour long. This is a long enough period of time in which you can manage to hold a master class or seminar.

Product demonstration, review

Live broadcasts are ideal for demonstrating your product in action, to carry out its review, to answer questions from viewers on everything that might interest them.


Using live broadcasting, you can take a tour of your company or the location you’re in, showing your surroundings and sharing what it’s like to be there.

If you need to get more instagram followers for business, you should use specialized services. If you want to work with an audience and get attention, then you should use live streaming. This is a great tool that can provide good results.

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