Myths about slot machines


Myths about slot machines

Both gamblers and professional gamblers can be very superstitious when it comes to gambling. Almost every gambler has his own superstitions, systems, techniques, and strategies that he is used to trusting. However, the sphere of the game in the slots, however, as well as other aspects of life is filled with legends, superstitions, and other misinformation. There are myths about slot machines that some players still blindly believe in, regardless of whether it is a new player or a veteran gambling battle. If you really want to improve your chances, it makes sense to use to find reliable games.

The harder the machine button is pressed, the greater the chance of winning

This is not true. The payout of slot machines is generated randomly by the computer, so success in the game does not depend on the strength of pressure on the button. Your chances of winning will be the same whether the button is lightly pressed or struck.

Slot machines have “cold” and “hot” cycles

Many players believe that slot machines have “cold” and “hot” cycles, and that if the machine has not issued a big win for a long time, it is sure to give money soon. This is a myth. The slot has no machine memory of previous spins of the reels, each spin is a completely isolated event. It’s like a coin flip or a roll of the dice – the result of the round is independent of the results of all previous rounds. Slot machines do not become more predisposed to winning if they have not paid out money for a long time, they do not become “hotter” and do not give out larger winnings.

If you play one slot long enough and study its behavior, you can figure out the algorithm of how the machine works

Some players believe that the algorithm of slot machines can be understood and as a result make winning bets. This is another myth. Licensed slot machines give out combinations in accordance with the work of the built-in random number generator (RNG). Each manufacturer creates its own RNG algorithm and is constantly improving it. In addition, the regulator that issues a license to the developer performs verification of the RNG on a number of parameters, and only after a successful test allows the game to sell licensed online casinos. All this suggests that the algorithm of slot machines is random and impossible to calculate.

The more a player invests in a slot machine, the more he increases his chances of winning

The number of bills you put into the machine affects only the amount of your credits, but does not increase your chances of winning.

The casino controls the operation of the slot machines by changing their settings as it sees fit

Not really. The rumor that the operation of slot machines is completely dependent on the casino administration is related to the activities of cheaters. Sites without a license in principle can be anything, for example, RNG may tweak in any direction to first lure players with victories, and then take their money. That’s why it’s important to carefully check casinos for a license to have confidence that the random number generator really works at random. Licensed casinos do not have access to the RNG settings and source code of the games. This is strictly monitored by the regulator who issued the license. Likewise, the games themselves are controlled by auditors who monitor the work of the developer. You can find a reliable casino here

If a slot machine has just given out a big win, then it is no longer worth playing it for a while

Absolutely wrong. The chances of winning in the machine will be the same as they were. It is quite possible (and has happened more than once in fact) that another large sum will follow immediately.

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