Steroids and potency


Steroids and potency

The use of various AAS, for the most part, bring positive results. A relief body, powerful well-developed muscles, and in addition – strength, endurance and energy. It is not surprising that taking such drugs is so interesting for both professional bodybuilders and novice athletes. However, in addition to good achievements in the physical plane, there are some side effects that affect not only health, but also the sexual life of the athlete.

The effect of anabolic steroids on male strength

Problems with sexual functions in men began to appear after taking a course of steroids. In many ways they are related to the fact that there is a hormonal failure, natural testosterone and synthetic supplemented, except for already all known positive results, increases the potency. So far, everything seems to be fine, but when the athlete finishes the cycle , the production of natural hormone decreases and leads to a lack of sexual desire. 

This happens when the body gets used to an excess of testosterone and stops producing it on its own. But, most often, men who take aromatizing drugs face similar effects. When the amount of estrogen exceeds the level of the male hormone, the state of erection is more difficult to achieve – hence the disruption of sexual activity.  

In addition, there are other causes of male libido problems:

  • the wrong combination of steroids in the course;
  • overdose;
  • increased prolactin levels;
  • chronic diseases.

How to restore potency after a course?

Most doctors agree that libido can only be restored by stopping the drug. In addition, you should constantly monitor your health and take the necessary tests on time. Experienced athletes recommend:

  • moderately use steroids with a high androgenic index (in the case of taking oral drugs, it is advisable to split the daily rate into two doses: drink the first in the morning, and the second at lunch);
  • take less strong, but effective drugs (for example, primobolan gives an excellent result with minimal side effects, but it is inferior in strength to highly androgenic anabolic steroids, and then you decide – more mass or health);
  • with a decrease in sexual desire, you can resort to massages to improve libido or take sexual dysfunction drugs, if necessary.

Interestingly, in the first two weeks of taking AAS, the pituitary arch, which is responsible for potency, functions normally, regardless of dosages. After that, her work is disrupted and the recovery process will take longer. Despite the fact that courses lasting three and eight weeks have significant differences in action, problems with them rarely arise. However , it is not recommended to take the drugs for more than 12 weeks, as this can lead to even greater consequences.

As a result, we can say that potency disorders are a common diagnosis among professional athletes, but despite this, it can be avoided by adhering to the following points:

  • the body must rest and cannot be exhausted by hard training;
  • it is necessary to strictly observe both the safe dosage of the drug and its combination with others;
  • the duration of the courses should not exceed the norm and breaks should be taken between them – then there will be fewer side effects, and the result will last longer.

And besides, it is imperative to pass all tests on time and consult with qualified specialists before taking this or that AAS, as well as to carry out post cycle therapy correctly.

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